My First Belt Test

Had my belt test tonight at Tae Kwon Do. But before that I had my Ab Challenge class and my regular class. And for whatever reason, we had to be in full sparring gear (helmet, gloves, chest protection). Just enough non-breathable material to make the sweat drip into my brain and exhaust me before my test. Steve (my husband) and the girls showed up to cheer me on. Steve was nominated to hold the board for my Gyeokpa (board breaking kick). I have NO idea what was going through his mind, probably something like “Shit, I hope she doesn’t miss and break my fingers!”.

I broke it in two kicks! The first one wasn’t centered so it was ineffective. I actually didn’t think I could do it, and it snapped like it was nothing! This is a 3/4″ board!

Broken Board


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