When Did I Lose My Mind?

I ask myself that after every Monday night at the dojang.  My 6 year old has class at for a half-hour and I participate in that class, including running laps and kick/punch drill as warmup.  Then I have about a half-hour break until Poomsae for 5-10 minutes, then 10-20 minutes of our Ab/Weight-Loss class.  For 10-20 minutes we rotate between running, leg lifts, punching, sit-ups and push-ups with no break.  My heart rate stays high and I always break a sweat.  It’s somewhere in here that my deodorant starts to fail.  Immediately afterward is our adult class lasting 45 minutes.  By the end of the evening I am spent, but feel so good.  On a typical Monday I will run 36 laps around the dojang (yes I counted).


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