I had my first meeting with GMH (Grandmaster) regarding accelerating and personal coaching (not TKD, but life coaching). All the apprehensions and fears I had about accelerating were put to rest after the program was spelled out for me. I’m going to test for my blue belt this month, purple in May, and brown in June, then I will test every two months and adding in private lessons and whatnot, I should earn my black belt by October of ’09.

I also had a private lesson with GMH today and I got the best compliment today when he said that with the power I can get out of my kicks, I’m the female version of one of the male instructors. It was high praise and it really made my day.

And as a bit of an homage to Skwigg, I took a picture of my arm and shoulder today, because I’m starting to see some muscle development there. I think the warrior training and push-ups are starting to pay off:



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  1. Wow is right, congratulations on the compliment from your Grandmaster and also for taking up the accelerated program.

    I took some pictures of myself recently (it’s been a little over 1.5yrs since I started) and I was amazed with the muscle tone I’ve developed.

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