My Garden Kicked My Butt

I did what I thought was some minor yard cleanup yesterday.  Mostly weeding and scooping out oak leaves from my planting beds.  Today I’m sore as hell and it made tae kwon do so much harder.

To add insult to injury, I went to pick up my daughter’s scooter yesterday, and the base swung around and clocked my right in my heel.  The one that already had a tight achilles tendon.  And at TKD today I managed to roll my big toe on that same foot and now it feels like I might have jammed it.

Oh, and my Monday night was made just a bit more hellish.  I always have my daughter’s class which is like a warmup for me, then the ab class, then my class.  Well today Grandmaster decided it was a good time to squeeze in a 1/2 hour private lesson since he wasn’t going to be available during our usual time tomorrow.

While the lesson was frustrating for me, I seemed to be in my own head more than usual, I am pleased that he seems to be nitpicking, which means that in general I am doing well.  I learned my entire blue belt poomsae (tae guk sah jang) in one day last week and he is just adjusting hand and foot positions mostly.  That and getting me to block more like a punch.  I seem to have palsy when I have to block and struggle to get the necessary level of power behind it.  We’re staying away from my board breaking kick since my ankle seems to be getting worse.  I’m a bit worried about what the doctor is going to find out on Wednesday.  I’m hoping it gets figured out then, but I have an inkling that I’m going to get sent for x-rays or an MRI or something so it might take some time to figure out what I did to myself.  I’m hoping it’s something that can heal.  I’m concerned that it could be the onset of arthritis which runs in my family.  I’m trying to keep myself from thinking about it too much.


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