Looking for Something….More

Was chatting with Skwigg tonight after coming across a fitness program called P90X that sounded intriguing, as does the Red Carpet workouts she’s been doing. I’ve come to a point where I feel like I need something…more. Something with structure that tells me what I need to do and what to eat. The soreness I encountered from my weekend warrior gardening shows me that I can’t blast my muscles lifting weights and expect to perform at tae kwon do.

Yet my weight has been holding lately and I know that with a few tweaks exercise-wise and some major tweaks diet-wise I can drop some of this fat that seems to be clinging to my stomach and thighs. I swear I can see the hint of a six pack on some days, but there is just too much softness covering it up. Realistically though, my abdomen has suffered greatly at the hands of two pregnancies. Did you know that stretch marks can actually criss cross and intersect? I think even if I got down to body fat in the teens, I would have a stomach that jiggles and shimmies when I wiggle. I was not blessed in the elasticity department. People should be thankful that I will never, ever inflict the sight of me in a bikini upon their retinas. (um, wait…nevermind, I already broke that rule when I did BFL).

Anyhoo, I’m trying to work out some sort of conditioning/fat loss program I can do here at home with minimal equipment and a bum ankle. I know endurance is one of my weaker points, with strength starting to come up. I actually did twelve full (not modified) push ups in class the other night. And my back didn’t hurt at all, which was equally amazing. Usually I stick to the modified because the person leading the count seems to count in double time and it’s frustrating that I can get one push-up out to his three, but I can keep up if I’m on my knees. I’m slowly working up to the point where I no longer modify.

So in the next few weeks I’ll post any additional workouts and diet plans I’ll be following and I’ll do my best to track results. It will mostly be by body weight, but I may use the Omron as well. Just as a baseline, here’s a recent photo of me at about 168 lbs. Keep in mind that this is 41 lbs. lighter than I was just two years ago. Something shifted mentally for me and it just came off slowly, picking up speed when I started TKD last fall. This is one of the few pictures of myself that I think I look relaxed in, it’s also one of the first that I feel like I’m “normal” sized and not overweight.  For the record, I’m currently a size 12:



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  1. I was going to say, you look like you lost a shit-ton.

    Go you, sexy thing!

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