Three X-Rays and and MRI

And I still don’t know anything.  I had three x-rays at the doctor’s office and according to the good doc they were normal, I had a sinking feeling that I was just going to be dismissed when he started poking and prodding me around my ankle.  A few inches above my outer ankle was a point of tenderness and the place where I think the pain I feel radiates from.  So I’m sent to get an MRI.  When I get there I’m told that instead of the one series that was ordered I’m going to have two.  So I scramble to get the childcare covered and I’m there for 2 1/2 hours!  I am the proud owner of a disk with hundreds of images on it that I wish I knew how to read.  A copy was sent to the doc’s electronically and I see him again on Friday to see what’s up with the MRI results.

I’m of two minds on this.  I really don’t want it to be a fracture of any sort, yet I also don’t want the results to be….nothing.  I already cancelled my private lesson for tomorrow on the doc’s orders and I won’t be going to class that night either.  That’s the equivalent to three classes I’ll be missing in one day.  Way to get behind after I just barely started.

My biggest fear is that I’m going to be written off as a hypochondriac or something.  I’m getting increasingly frustrated at the limits I’ve had to impose on myself because of whatever the hell is going on with my foot…leg….whatever.  Y’all will get an update after my doctor’s appointment on Friday morning.  Let’s hope I get some answers.


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