Ankle Answer….Sort of

The good news is there is no stress fracture.  The bad news is there isn’t a very definitive diagnosis.  Doc said that the MRI didn’t show the tendons and ligaments very well, but it did show some inflammation and swelling.  So I will be partaking in physical therapy three times a week for 6 weeks.  I go for an initial evaluation next Wednesday so they can find out where I am currently and then it’s a go for Project Ankle Strengthening.

Also good is that I don’t have to entirely drop tae kwon do.  I can still do what I have been doing, which is avoiding jumps and any major twisting of that particular ankle.  I might take it a little easier on the running since that seems to aggravate it as well.  I’m so relieved that it wasn’t something that is going to sideline me.


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