Just Call Me Waffle

After recovering from my hormonally induced haze I started thinking clearer.  I’m sticking with TKD for now without a break.  A few things have helped me decide this.  Firstly, I have pretty much given up jumping and running.  I can do a fast walk for warm up laps and I’m fortunate that my gyeokpa (board breaking kick) doesn’t require a jump for this belt (did I mention I tested and passed this weekend?  I didn’t?  Well, I’m now a Purple Belt).  It does however leave a possibility for a broken toe or two since it will be the first board break using the ball of my foot compared to the heel.

Giving up the running on top of the jumping seems to have done the trick.  My foot has been feeling much better because of it and I hope in part to rehab.  I get to do a host of stability exercises that make me feel like a total idiot, but work fantastically.  Also, in three short weeks I test for brown belt and get to drop one of my private lessons a week.

I also couldn’t quit.  TKD, I can’t quit you!

Also seem to be moving in the correct direction for getting my shit life in order.  I’m creating a family and personal mission statement, a family schedule, and decided to write out a class summary after my classes.  Grandmaster has a tendency to switch things up every two months or so, and as a result, I’m often confused as to what is expected of us in class.  I figured writing down what we did in class is a way of reviewing what went well and what didn’t and learning how to do better.

The microwave is beeping at me, letting me know my Lean Cuisine is ready, I’d better get to it before it gets too cold.


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