Blue and Brown

Blue: The color of the uniforms that the HVAC workers wear. I’m getting way to familiar with it this weekend. We had a new air conditioning system installed on Thursday along with a humidifier and hot water heater. The were here until midnight Thursday installing everything. They came back yesterday evening to fix a leak with one of the connections of the water heater. Then they were back today to try to sort out why the air isn’t blowing cold inside the house, you know, where it does the most good. They will be back on Monday for what I hope is the last time. Thankfully the weather cooled off today so I may actually sleep comfortably tonight.

Brown: The belt that I just earned today! As usual my performance anxiety cropped up. It’s gotten better now that I know that I can do my board break a week prior to the test. I managed to break it on the first try and not break my toes. That was my biggest concern because it was the first time I had to break using the ball of my foot instead of my heel. Getting my toes out of the way was a priority. My test went well, so well in fact that I was told that my performance improved dramatically from my last test and I was even used as an example on how to execute the poomsae with the proper amount of snap and power. This meant a lot considering it came from one of the other instructors and not Grandmaster, who has seen me at my best. One of the other black belts also made it a point to congratulate me on doing so well with it. My confidence is definately getting better with each test, and I’m trying to curb my perfectionist tendencies. Most people aren’t going to notice a small error as much as I will notice it in my own performance.

Also in the good news category, physical therapy came to an end, my foot has been feeling a lot better and as long as I keep up the exercises and give myself ample time to stretch before tae kwon do, I should be fine. That and my next test is in 2 months instead of just one, and my private lessons go down to once a week. I get a little breathing room before my next test, and just in time too. I was starting to feel like I was at the mercy of my schedule which got a bit hectic.

Grandmaster was kind enough to give me a preview of two new kicks I get to learn in brown belt. The first was a tornado kick, which is a lot of fun, and the other is Ddwieu Duikumchi Ahp Dollyeo Chagi (isn’t that a mouthful?). I’m looking forward to working on both of them.

On a totally unrelated note, we saw WALL-E tonight. Go see it, it’s really cute and touching, along with an interesting social commentary.



  1. congratulations on your new belt! it’s always nice to be commented by other black belts at testing.

  2. Congrats!

    😦 I don’t like tornado kicks.

  3. Do you guys test for rank monthly?

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