Got It!

After several choice words and a disconnect in the middle of uploading I have the video…with sound!

There is a smidge of background noise (fans) and the color looks hideous because the floor and the three walls without mirrors are GREEN! But here I am doing Tae Guk Yuk Jang (my brown belt poomsae).



  1. Awesome! This form I hated but now that I’m passed it, it’s one of my favorites. We went to the national’s competition in Detroit and we’ve had to conform to their standards and it’s strange just how much the little changes mess me up! Congrats on your testing!!! I”m testing for my bodan in October *starts to sweat nervously

  2. Is the color on this video horrific or what? The color in the dojang is horrible.

  3. You motivate me! I gotta go do some katas!

  4. rialeilani – what kind of little changes did you have to make? I’m curious because I’m going to be competing sometime next year

  5. Looks pretty cool. Thanks for posting that.

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