Not Ready for Prime Time

I decided to watch some Tae Kwon Do footage from the Beijing Olympics. Given that it is the art I practice it should be interesting, no?

Forgive me, but I found it dead boring. It’s not much of a spectator sport. When each round is 2 minutes long and all the two opponents do is bounce around for 1 1/2 minutes unsuccessfully taunting the other person into striking first, I tend to drift off.

I know, I know, TKD is a defensive art not an offensive one. Still, I think I now know why it’s not televised. In my opinion, Olympic TKD doesn’t really capture the art of TKD. You don’t see a hell of a lot of it in the matches. I also think my attitude explains why I’m not all that interested in competition outside of poomsae.

In the interest of comparison I watched some Olympic Judo. Far more interesting with the takedowns and actual, I don’t know, action?



  1. I think BJJ would be terrific in the Olympics!

    On the TKD subject, what kills me is that they keep their hands at their sides. Are they not allowed to punch, because it would be very easy to do.

  2. Since I was not involved (or even interested) in MA 4 years ago when the last Olympic games were in progress, I thought I’d check out the TKD competition this time. Although not obsessively so, I watched for them and didn’t ever see them. But then I started seeing Olympic TKD reviews on all the MA blogs lately and found they are not considered a main event so are not televised like everything else. Also read everyone’s assessment and found they ALL come up short. So, I guess I really didn’t miss much, huh?

  3. I would have to say that no, you didn’t miss much. However I would love to find video of the Cuban guy kicking the ref and getting banned for life.

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