Test Day Ups and Downs


  • I tested for and earned my red belt.
  • I broke my board the week before with my 7 year old (who broke her board at the same time)
  • Both my children earned their assistant leadership
  • My 10 year old broke her board on the first try with a beautiful looking kick


  • I tried to break at the test with my alternate kick which requires breaking two boards. Didn’t even crack it.
  • My 10 year old didn’t pass her blue belt test so she will be testing again next month.
  • She fell and sprained her wrist 2 days before the test, so she was a smidge distracted and couldn’t quite get her poomsae right.

I felt so badly for my oldest daughter. A few cracks started showing at her test and then she just crumbled. She had to do Sah Jang and Il Jang. She performed them flawlessly yesterday at class. One of the requirements of assistant leadership is knowing how to tie your belt correctly and doing it in front of everyone. By this time she knew she didn’t pass her belt test. That and the splint on her wrist made it difficult for her to do in front of everyone. Immediately after the test she proved she could do it, so they allowed that to count. I was so worried about what this would do to her confidence and motivation, but she seems to have bounced back with a vengeance. I think she is out to prove she knows her stuff at the next test, which is the kind of stubborness I encourage. At my lesson today, I believe I learned the whole sequence to my red belt poomsae (chil jang). It is all sorts of new and one of the more difficult ones I’ve had to learn so far. Tiger stance FTW!



  1. Congratulations on your red belt! And kudos to your 10-year-old for bouncing back. We all go splat sometimes, it’s getting up again that defines who we are going to be. Fall down seven times, get up eight.

  2. Thanks PB! I was so concerned for her because she just recently got over some major resistance about going to TKD and I didn’t want her to take a few steps backward.

    I hope she kicks butt at the next test and feels good about it.

  3. We don’t break boards at my classes, but just out of curiosity. If you don’t break the board on the first try, do they give you another chance to do it? If so, how many chances? Reason I ask is that a friend’s son is in what I think is a McDojo and for his black belt test, they let him take aim at the board for about 1/2 hour or more and he broke it on the 3 or 4th try. (An 11 yo black belt who got it in less than 2 years???? He’s good, but he’s not a black belt except for in name through this McDojo.)

  4. Congratulations on your promotion!

    Good for your daughter too! Her determination to prove herself at the next test is admirable.

  5. Why were you breaking boards with your seven year old? Isn’t it easier to use your hand or foot? 😛

    Congratulations on your promotion, and I’m sure your daughter will do great at retest.

    -MALS (Her)

  6. Hey where are you? Hope all is well on your end!

  7. […] I almost forgot! My 10 year old retested this month. If you remember, she totally fell apart at her test last month and didn’t pass. Well, she was a totally different child on Saturday. […]

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