A Small Measure of Relief

At the doc’s today, I got the results of my MRI. I did not break my ankle (there was much rejoicing!), but on top of the sprain I did bruise my talus bone. I need to go look up which one that is….

Ok, that’s the main ankle bone that the lower leg bones sit on top of. Doc seemed rather amazed that I didn’t fracture it. He said between the severity of the sprain and the deep edema I have, I must have put a lot of energy into whatever I did to injure myself. Next week I’m starting physical therapy, mostly just to get back to being able to put weight on that ankle, and eventually ramp up to stability exercises.

I saw some scary stuff while Googling the talus bone, so I quit while I was ahead. I really don’t need to be any more neurotic about my injury. As it is, I’m gun-shy so to speak. I can’t imagine getting back to the activity level I was at before toasting my ankle. I’m doing my best to take things one day at a time. It’s actually a good thing that my kids are in TKD, because I get to be in the academy, and I can actually help out a bit. Tonight for instance, Grandmaster had me working with a white belt who is testing next week and with a young brown belt on her poomsae sequence. It felt really good to be able to help and be involved, and I actually enjoyed it without the pressure of having to work on my own stuff. I was supposed to test this month, but I’m thinking next month is more likely, if not maybe a smidge over optimistic. Plus, I’m not sure that foot will be up to board breaking anytime soon. I may have to work out an alternative. If I do a hand or elbow break, what are the chances that I’ll be seeing my orthopedist about an injured hand or elbow?

I’m supposed to limit my weight bearing to “with crutches” and I’m trying really really hard, but I suck at it. Especially when I’m home. It just seems easier to hobble ten feet than to wrestle with the crutches. And have you ever tried to carry a plate and use crutches at the same time? No? It’s totally impossible unless I had the grace to be able to balance it on my head. Hmmm, if I had that grace I probably wouldn’t be needing crutches in the first place.



  1. Cruthes are the worst!!

    I am glad to hear that you did not break your ankle. Take it easy and give yourself time to heal.

  2. Ok, I mastered the crutch plate thing. Here’s what you do (I’m not responsible for broken dishes or spectacular face plants). Use one crutch normally. With the other arm carry the plate and “hold” the crutch using your armpit. Use your body to swing the crutch forward on that side. Hobble forward with your weight on both crutches. Swing again. Hobble, swing, hobble, swing. Don’t drop your plate.

    I feel your pain. Hope you’re free of the crutches soon.

  3. Ha ha Renee, I can totally visualize you doing that and how awkward it must look! I’m doing my best to “bright side” this situation. Like today I walked around the arboretum for a few hours on the crutches. I’m exhausted and it sucked, but the bright side is that I actually popped a sweat, got some exercise, and am getting an upper body workout.

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