Ooooh, Pretty Colors!

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off the impressive bruise on my ankle. Mind you, the bruise is already a week old and still sporting the lovely purple/blue color. Notice that you can’t even see the ankle on that side. Normally I have knobby ankles, but the sprain has temporarily obliterated them.

Horked Ankle



  1. Those are some pretty impressive colors. I’m remembering back to my sixth week of karate (the first time), when a knee to the face left my right cheekbone looking just about like that. It took several weeks before it really looked normal again, and a good twelve before I was allowed to spar without a catcher’s-type face mask.

    Best of luck with your recovery!

  2. That sho is purty! My wife has to routinely try to convince people that she’s not a battered wife when people see the bruises on her arms from learning Kyusho. I was having a problem for awhile of rupturing blood vessels in the back of my left hand during class. It made it look like I was smuggling rolls of Lifesavers under my skin.

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