Just Keep Swimming

Difficult advice to adhere to when I feel like I’m sinking fast.  I’m sure the shorter hours of daylight has something to do with it, but yesterday I sank like a stone.  The test I was supposed to be at is this coming Saturday, and I think the reality of how long I’ll probably be out hit me hard yesterday.  Thankfully, I had my PT evaluation today, and I start therapy tomorrow, at least in some way.  I’m actually looking forward to the time when the tenderness is mild enough that they can massage my ankle and do the ultrasound therapy.  It’s the best thing about PT in my opinion.

I skipped class last night.  Well, I wasn’t going to participate anyway, but I was going to be there for my daughters.  Except since I didn’t go, they didn’t go.  And neither did my husband.  I think yesterday he and I both had the same general malaise.  He’s going to take them to class tonight, but I’m still not sure I’m going to go.  On one hand, I want to stay in the environment so I know what I’m missing and I have motivation to get back when I’m healed.  On the other hand, it’s painful sitting there, not being able to participate in the way I want.  It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep a positive attitude going.

Surely some of you are thinking “Geez woman, get over it, it’s only a sprain”.  And in some ways you are right, but I have never in my life hurt myself the way I did two weeks ago.  I’m also not as young as I used to be.  The other sprains I’ve had in the past, bah, they were but a little ankle tweaking.  Something I could totally walk on less than a week later.  Just today I can almost walk with a semi-normal gait, even though I’m not really supposed to, so that’s progress.  But because I want to make sure I don’t destroy my ankle again in the future, I’m trying to follow orders and give it time to heal.  The PT explained it nicely.  She said I need to give the fibers time to heal so they can heal all aligned, which will make the ligament just as strong as it was before.  If I push it too hard and the fibers heal criss-crossed, it will cause that area of the ligament to become more inflexible and more susceptable to future injury.  She also told me to expect the swelling for a few more weeks.

My foot was swollen enough already by noon (and I was a bad girl this morning, hobbling around and up and down the stairs a lot), that when she let go after grabbing my foot to test flexibility, the indentations from her fingers remained.  Not cool.

Gah, enough about that, I’m obsessing already.

In an effort not to be the ankle injury blog 24/7, I’m going to attempt to bring a little bit of personal blogging into this here blog.  Some of you know that I had a blog for a few years (Psychobabble), and I recently closed that one down.  I had felt that I no longer needed that outlet.  And maybe I don’t, but I still like keeping in touch with people using the blog.  I’ve made a lot of virtual friends in the past few years, and I don’t want to bore them by being a one note blog.  I also have a book blog (one entry – HA!), a photo blog, and a fiber blog (knitting/spinning stuff).  I’m still going to keep them, but I will also cross post a lot of that content here, mostly just to post regularly, and also for variety.

Even my hairdresser knows that I get bored easily.  I’ve never had the same hairstyle/color twice.  I’ll do my best to tag and categorize my posts in such a way that they are easy to find by topic, should any of you not want to hear about anything other than martial arts.  Or my whining about my ankle.



  1. Knitting/fiber blogging and book blogging is definitely cool by me. I have content of both on my blog regularly, even though I maintain a separate writing blog.

    Do try to avoid pushing your ankle too much. I know it’s hard. I think ankles are harder than knees in some ways – ankles heal better, but once you put a rigid brace on a knee, you can pretty much just hop around without doing more damage.

  2. I am thinking my blog matter is going to have to branch out too. I have touched on most of the subjects with which I’m most familiar. And I just can’t get into the “technical” m.a. blogs. I’m not bashing them – I just can’t read it and then “see” it in my head to learn from it. I need to see it first, then maybe, just maybe, I could go back and try to perfect it by reading the written word.

  3. I get the frustration with your ankle. I had back pain for four months before finally getting it checked, and followed it up with nearly six months of varying degrees of PT. It does feel sometimes, as though the pain is all you’ve got going on…because it’s just so darn intrusive and life-altering.

    Ankle injury blog…heh. I was the same way when my husband went to Iraq. I didn’t want my blog to become the Angry, Bitter, Army Wife Blog. There are plenty of those out there already. 🙂

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