I’m a Loser

With all the extra time spent on my ass a few weeks ago feeling sorry for myself, I was sure I was going to put on some poundage.  Surprisingly, I weighed myself this week and I’ve lost 5 lbs. in the past 2 months.  I’m attributing some of that to the intense workouts I got schlepping myself around on crutches and the rest to physical therapy.  You have no idea how much work it is to balance on one foot until you have to do it with a weakened ankle.

Interesting thing is, my diet isn’t all that hot.  It’s not awful, but there is a lot of room for improvement (I just wrote that while eating a Sunbutter & wheat bread sandwich).  Makes me want to try tweaking it a bit to make it healthier and see what that does for my body.  I could probably lose the last of that looseness and flabbiness that just seems to want to hang on for dear life.

It is interesting to me that when I finally let go of having a specific number in mind for weight or dress size, I became much happier with my body.  My focus is off the scale and off numbers and on what I can do and accomplish with the body I have.  I may never look slammin’ in a bikini, and you know, I’m ok with that, I can rock a one-piece with the best of them, but I’m starting to find parts of me I like more than I’m finding parts I hate.  In fact, I can’t say I hate any part of me.

And that freak out yesterday (or Tuesday or whatever)?  Was totally PMS related.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Freak Out Averted

Had a meeting with Grandmaster today to clarify a few requirements.  Was honest with him when I told him that certain things are not covered in class more than once every couple months, and being tested on these things hardly seems fair when there is no opportunity to learn and put them to practice.  He took some notes of my questions and places where the requirements are listed that are less than clear.  I think the freaking out was mostly me not really “knowing” the requirements, and that was put to rest today.  I know what is expected of me now and will spend the next two days practicing as much as possible so it feels more comfortable.

I was interested in learning a few more kicks (like possibly thje 360), but Grandmaster feels it’s better if I wait until my ankle is stronger.  Wise words, but still frustrating.  I’ve decided to break next month with a palm strike.  Another woman is doing that at her test on Saturday, so I’m interested to see how it goes for her.  We practiced it a bit today and I’m looking forward to attempting it.   I sense that it will be a powerful feeling to break a board with my bare hand.  There is still a lot for me to memorize, but knowing what I have to memorize is taken care of.

I need to recover from my weekend

Going into the weekend with nothing on the calendar for Saturday or Sunday is a rare and beautiful thing.  The prospect of becoming a couch slug and catching up on my recorded shows while ignoring the phone sounds like the perfect weekend to me.

Alas, it was not to be.

Saturday morning I was trying like hell NOT to wake up.  A cold had me in its clutches and the warm covers were the perfect location to hide.  My husband was lying next to me watching TV when in walks our 7 yo.  She gives him a tooth and told him she pulled it (it was hanging on by the tiniest of threads).  She started walking back around the bed when all of a sudden she dropped to the floor.  We called her name.   No response.  My husband picks her up, and her eyes are wide open but she is not responding to us.  She proceeds to empty her bladder on my husband while he moves her to the bed.  We try getting her to respond with no luck.  I run out of the room, slip on the puddle of urine and land on my ass.  I recover, sprint downstairs, try to get a grip on the phone and call 911.  I pass the phone to my husband, and as he is talking, our baby starts to come to.

The poor girl looks ashen, and she’s a bit disoriented, and soggy.  She tries to jump up but we convince her to slow down.  I get her in fresh clothes as the paramedics arrive.  They are great with her, and try to test her mental status.  They ask her what day it is.  Not the right question to ask her, as she can barely remember normally.  So I ask her if she has school today and she responds that she does not.  Then the paramedic asks her to count to ten.  She refuses.  She said she can, but doesn’t want to.  I convince her to, and am so glad she can do it without a problem.  They try joking with her, but apparently she lost her sense of humor.

They determine that she probably just passed out.  Probably from the sight of blood after pulling her tooth.  She passed out once before, but without all the accompanying dramatics.

Later in the morning, we take her to see the pediatrician, where we run to the restroom so she can throw up.  He says she shows no sign of having had a seizure, but to keep an eye on her and definitely call if something like this happens again in the absence of blood.    He said that it is rare, but people sometimes pass out with their eyes wide open.  The rest of the day she is groggy, without an appetite, and just not feeling so hot.

Thankfully, by Sunday morning, her color, health, and sense of humor were all back where they belonged.

We’ve told her, if she ever decides to pull a tooth again, to make sure to use the toilet first, just in case she passes out.

The sad thing is, in all the kerfluffle, her tooth got lost.  I’m having her write a note to the Tooth Fairy who I’m sure will understand the extenuating circumstances.

A Glimpse of Superwoman

My schedule has been so crazy lately that I’ve become entirely unreliable to friends and family.  My cousin asked me to bring a fruit salad to her son’s 1st birthday party.  That morning I was up at 5:30 to get my daughter to her swim meet by 6:45 am and stayed there until about noon.  I went to the party and when asked about the fruit salad gave my cousin a blank stare for about 10 seconds before my brain went “oh, shit”.  Sadly, it’s not the first time I promised her something and flaked out.  I hate that who I’ve become can’t be trusted with basic simple commitments.

Personally, though, I’ve come to surprise myself.  After my PT appointment on Friday I ran to Home Depot to get a feel for what I would need to spend to set up my raised 4’x4′ beds for my spring vegetable garden.  I bought the wood, conduit (for trellises) and completed some scarily accurate mental math regarding soil/compost and set to work as soon as I got home.  In the sleet.  I built the boxes and installed them in about 4 hours from start to finish, including the soil and trellis supports.  Even hauled the probably 600lbs of soil mixture into my backyard.

What’s amazing is that I didn’t follow what my natural urge would be.  That would have been taking the crap out of the car, plopping it in the garage and forgetting about it until the spring.  Even my husband was impressed.  It felt good, but strange to be so possessed by an idea that I couldn’t stop until it was realized.  I haven’t felt that inspired in such a long time.

I really want to mix in some perlite and peat moss, but it is too damn cold to be out more than a couple minutes.  If we get a few warm days I’ll take advantage of them, but otherwise, it will have to wait until spring.  Depending on how these boxes go, I might build a few smaller ones to scatter around my backyard where I can.  There are a few more spots that they would work well, but just can’t accomodate a 4’x4′ box.  Possibly a 3’x’3 or 3’x2′ or something like that.

Here’s pictures of what I accomplished on Friday:



Yummy, Yummy, Joy, Joy

Went to the bookstore today to pick up All New Square Foot Gardening and a few other books.  For the longest time I’ve been wanting to pick up a Cooking Light cookbook, so I grabbed Cooking Light Superfast Suppers: Speedy Solutions for Dinner Dilemmas.


I made the Italian Pork Chops with Rosemary-Garlic Foccacia and steamed broccoli.  Including the trip to the store it took me 45 minutes.  It only took about 5 minutes of prep and 20 of cooking total.  And it was very, very tasty.  I’m so glad I picked this cookbook up.  It’s very nicely set up as well, instead of the usual sections for sides, salads, soups, etc., it gives you entire meal recipes (one dish meals, cold meals, slow cooker meals) and tells you what to do when – it actually helps you multitask.  The recipe I made was a combination of fresh and prepared items.  I used canned roasted red peppers, minced garlic, and refrigerated pizza dough, but the rest was right out of the produce section.

I’ve been struggling lately with finding the time to make dinner and also deciding what to eat.  I get bored super easy and after I make a dish 2-3 times, I’m done with it.  What was neat was that it was also a colorful meal between the tomatoes, peppers and broccoli, it looked better than most of the stuff coming out of my kitchen lately.  The timing of everything worked out so well that I was able to clean up as I cooked so there was nothing left for me to do once I was finished eating.  Once I’ve exhausted the possibilities of this cookbook, I’m definately going to try another one from Cooking Light.


The links to the books are associate links.  Should you click on them and purchase something from Amazon, they throw a few pennies my way.


Thought I would share what my kids looked like this halloween.  One was a sandwich and one was a grandma.  I had a lot of fun putting these costumes together and would definately do homemade ones again.

A Cluttered Desk is a Sign of Genuis

If that’s true, I’ve got an IQ off the charts.  Are any of you out there hyper-organized?  How do you do it, especially with kids?  I feel like I clean the same parts of the house day after day.  We have too much stuff around here as well.  I can’t figure out where to make it all fit.  I feel like I’m constantly moving a pile of stuff from one surface to another without really coming up with a solution to why there is a pile in the first place.

I’ll admit, I am pretty far from Suzy Homemaker.  I’m also currently injured, but that’s beside the point.  Stepping away from the computer is the first part, I get that, and I’m working on it.  I just feel like our entire house and all our “stuff” is just tossed in the general direction where it belongs.  A system either barely exists, or doesn’t exist at all.  And when I try to come up with a system (either for laundry or a schedule to try to keep the house up, or even how to keep the mail from spreading, multiplying, and totally taking over the peninsula in my kitchen), I’m the only one here trying to follow it, no matter how much I try to get the other resisdents of this household to get on board.

I’m not kidding though in wanting to know how you all do it.  I’m embarrassed about my house, it’s often cluttered and messy enough (mostly from the kids, DH is included in that) that I would never invite anyone in.  And how do I not become queen bitch around here for trying to keep the place neat?  I’m just wondering if any of you have a system you follow, and if there is any time left over for hobbies, cooking, or doing whatever?

I’ve put in a distress call to my mom.  I think I’m too close to all this crap around here to see it all clearly.  Outside help is needed.

Not sure what’s pushing me to the breaking point though.  I think a lot of it is Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is currently kicking my ass.  I’m tired constantly, I freakin’ wake up tired even after 8 hours of sleep.  I’m trying to use my lightbox, but have yet to find a way to get on a regular schedule with physical therapy and other appointments getting in the way during the day.

So, those of you who have a grasp on organization (or at least appear to, to the outsider), what’s your secret?