Slow and Steady

I participated in class last week, with major limitations, and I just got back from a private lesson.  The ankle is feeling pretty good, my range of motion is probably 80% of normal and the pain is minor.  My fingernails are bitten and chewed up after missing class for 3 weeks.  Grandmaster is going to see if I can get a “special” test next week that skips the board break and sparring portions, so I have enough time to prepare for the December test.   At the December test I would do two board breaks, the one for red belt, and the one for senior belt.

My leadership project needs to change as well and the idea that I’m currently entertaining as an alternative is one that mixes photography (a hobby of mine that I’ve neglected recently) and publishing, so to speak.  There is this awesome site called Blurb where I can organize the photos of my choosing, add text and/or artwork, and create a bound book of my photography.   I’m thinking of putting together a family one, or just one of my favorite photos, organized somehow, by season, or genre.  My parents celebrate their 40th anniversary next year, so I’m hoping I can get organized enough to put together an awesome one of the entire family as a gift to them.  Also an idea that I can get behind is making a cookbook of my favorite recipes all in one place.  I could make the dishes and photograph them, then put them together as a book.  It would be an awesome gift to my children when they grow up and move out on their own.

I have to do my best to get an idea to gel by the end of the weekend so I can get started on it.


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  1. I’ll have to check out that website. I’m sure your parents would LOVE a book like that. Use it as therapy. I love old family photos and stories, etc.

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