Thought I would share what my kids looked like this halloween.  One was a sandwich and one was a grandma.  I had a lot of fun putting these costumes together and would definately do homemade ones again.


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  1. My favorite costume was the year I stayed home w/my kids and taught myself to sew. The local fabric store had a costume contest. So, not using a pattern or anything, I made my daughter a “Dorothy” costume…with a twist. She was what Dorothy would have REALLY looked like after the tornado. She had fake leaves in her hair, smudges of dirt on her face and knees. She just looked like she’d been through..well, a tornado. Went to the contest and there were about 8 kids entered into the contest – 3 of which were in a black hooded gown with a scream mask on . And I am telling you – my daughter’s hand sewn costume was just over the top good. We were at this store for like 2 hours or more waiting for the judge and they kept putting us off. These kids bought costumes at the store, took them straight out of the package and guess what? Two of the 3 scream kids won – one for most original – yes really and the other for scariest or something like that. I was furious. I wrote a letter to the store but nothing ever came of it. I dont’ remember how I found out, but it turned out that the 3 kids in the scream costumes were nephews of a store employee – the judge if I remember correctly. Talk about mad!!!

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