I need to recover from my weekend

Going into the weekend with nothing on the calendar for Saturday or Sunday is a rare and beautiful thing.  The prospect of becoming a couch slug and catching up on my recorded shows while ignoring the phone sounds like the perfect weekend to me.

Alas, it was not to be.

Saturday morning I was trying like hell NOT to wake up.  A cold had me in its clutches and the warm covers were the perfect location to hide.  My husband was lying next to me watching TV when in walks our 7 yo.  She gives him a tooth and told him she pulled it (it was hanging on by the tiniest of threads).  She started walking back around the bed when all of a sudden she dropped to the floor.  We called her name.   No response.  My husband picks her up, and her eyes are wide open but she is not responding to us.  She proceeds to empty her bladder on my husband while he moves her to the bed.  We try getting her to respond with no luck.  I run out of the room, slip on the puddle of urine and land on my ass.  I recover, sprint downstairs, try to get a grip on the phone and call 911.  I pass the phone to my husband, and as he is talking, our baby starts to come to.

The poor girl looks ashen, and she’s a bit disoriented, and soggy.  She tries to jump up but we convince her to slow down.  I get her in fresh clothes as the paramedics arrive.  They are great with her, and try to test her mental status.  They ask her what day it is.  Not the right question to ask her, as she can barely remember normally.  So I ask her if she has school today and she responds that she does not.  Then the paramedic asks her to count to ten.  She refuses.  She said she can, but doesn’t want to.  I convince her to, and am so glad she can do it without a problem.  They try joking with her, but apparently she lost her sense of humor.

They determine that she probably just passed out.  Probably from the sight of blood after pulling her tooth.  She passed out once before, but without all the accompanying dramatics.

Later in the morning, we take her to see the pediatrician, where we run to the restroom so she can throw up.  He says she shows no sign of having had a seizure, but to keep an eye on her and definitely call if something like this happens again in the absence of blood.    He said that it is rare, but people sometimes pass out with their eyes wide open.  The rest of the day she is groggy, without an appetite, and just not feeling so hot.

Thankfully, by Sunday morning, her color, health, and sense of humor were all back where they belonged.

We’ve told her, if she ever decides to pull a tooth again, to make sure to use the toilet first, just in case she passes out.

The sad thing is, in all the kerfluffle, her tooth got lost.  I’m having her write a note to the Tooth Fairy who I’m sure will understand the extenuating circumstances.



  1. that sounds scary, i’m glad she is back to her normal self!

  2. Oh, wow. That is scary. I hope all is well now and that it was just shock over seeing the blood. One time, my normal nerves of steel got to me when my husband had stitches removed and I almost passed out. But I went on to have to learn to pack a wound – a big, deep wound on my dad’s leg when the wound from where they took veins from his leg for bypass surgery became infected. They had to open it back up (almost the entire length of his leg and VERY deep – multiple inches deep) and I had to pack it twice per day for weeks until it healed from the inside out. So it goes to show, you can overcome squeamishness…lol

  3. Holy cow! I’m not a big fan of blood myself. I sincerely hope that’s all this is. Wow.

    Martial Arts Mom: I had a staph infection on my arm that my wife had to repack daily. I gagged the entire time at the idea of how much gauze was going into a big hole in my arm. 😦

  4. Scary.

    I am glad your daughter is feeling better.

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