Freak Out Averted

Had a meeting with Grandmaster today to clarify a few requirements.  Was honest with him when I told him that certain things are not covered in class more than once every couple months, and being tested on these things hardly seems fair when there is no opportunity to learn and put them to practice.  He took some notes of my questions and places where the requirements are listed that are less than clear.  I think the freaking out was mostly me not really “knowing” the requirements, and that was put to rest today.  I know what is expected of me now and will spend the next two days practicing as much as possible so it feels more comfortable.

I was interested in learning a few more kicks (like possibly thje 360), but Grandmaster feels it’s better if I wait until my ankle is stronger.  Wise words, but still frustrating.  I’ve decided to break next month with a palm strike.  Another woman is doing that at her test on Saturday, so I’m interested to see how it goes for her.  We practiced it a bit today and I’m looking forward to attempting it.   I sense that it will be a powerful feeling to break a board with my bare hand.  There is still a lot for me to memorize, but knowing what I have to memorize is taken care of.


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  1. Amazing how getting clear on what you need can calm things down, isn’t it. Making my list of what I needed did wonders for my state of mind on prepping for my test.

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