Egg Noggin’

Curses!  My mom left a half gallon (HALF GALLON!) of Oberweis egg nog.  This stuff has some serious viscosity.  Basically I drink like two ounces cut with 4 ounces of skim milk.

And it’s still heart attack worthy.

I really should find some way to get it back to her.



  1. At the risk of sounding very crude – It’s always been an inside joke between my friends that I will not eat anything “white & creamy” stuff, but I absolutely refuse to eat “white & chunky” YUCK! (Sorry if this comment was a bit “explicit” LOL)

  2. I love good egg nog – fortunately for my arteries, my husband got me addicted to his homemade egg nog, which is itself heart attack worthy, but he only makes 1-2 batches a year, and I only get one glass (it doesn’t last).

    The difference between that and even the best commercial egg nog renders me safe from the latter.

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