Food is Love

So….New Year’s is going to be here soon and we are hosting our usual dinner party for our closest friends. There will be about 8 of us (plus kids) and I need to start planning the menu. Last year I made individual beef wellingtons and lemon chicken (for those that did not want the beef). It was a smashing success, and I need to be careful not to set the bar too high. I thought I had that year. People were coming over, and I was still covered in flour from the pastry dough I wrapped the beef wellington in.

Did I mention I’m a rebel and it was the first time I had tried out both those recipes? I’d like to have a meal that is not only tastes phenomenal, but is a feast for the eyes as well. I’m thinking I want something colorful with a great mix of textures.

It’s funny, I don’t like the mundane, day-to-day type of cooking. Give me a challenge and I’m all over it like white on rice.


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  1. I like to try new things too, but the food is only a small portion of our annual new year’s party. Ours is more “liquid based” and also “poker faced” . LOL

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