Commence with the Flappy Hand Dance

I’m catching up on some online reading before going to bed and I hear something moving in the wrapping paper rolls currently on our dining room floor.  I wake up my husband (who has to work tomorrow) and make him turn on the light and check.  He didn’t see anything, but I totally heard what I heard.  A mouse trap is getting put out right before going to bed.    Ick.

UPDATE:  AAAAHHHHH!  It poked it’s head out from the wrapping paper tube!  They are ALL getting thrown out.  And also?  He climbed up the lights on my fake ficus, crawled across the mossy base, and fell into a bag of scrapbooking supplies.  I woke my husband up again and he took the bag outside and dumped it.  Yep the guy was in there.  So now I have tainted wrapping paper in my dining room, and a front porch scattered with my supplies.  But less one critter.  Which I think was a shrew.  He looks mouse-like but with nearly black fur and a pointy nose.  Not nearly as cute as mice.  But still making me keep my feet off the ground and randomly break into “Eww, eww, eww!”.



  1. I’ll sing that duet with you…”Ewe, ewe, ewe”…hey, at least you found him and got him out!

  2. Mice in the house creep me out – which is weird, because I worked in a hospital rodent lab for several years. We had one escape once, and it took me almost a month to recapture him, but I was never creeped out by having a mouse scurry around the lab. One under my bed, on the other hand – eek!

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