And Away We Go!


I’m officially joining the 100 Push-ups movement!  I decided that I would try this for my leadership project and I’m also interested in how I can improve and what kind of improvement I’ll see in my arms at the end of it all.  I did my initial test and I can do a whopping 18 push-ups (on my knees, my back just can’t handle a full push up) before my arms and shoulders cry out for mercy.  That, amazingly, puts me in Rank 3.  Tomorrow I’ll start the actual plan and I’ll try to post my progress weekly.  I’m curious as to how quickly I can actually increase my upper body strength.  Looking at the first day, it seems as though it is set up so you double the number of push-ups you did at the initial test.  It is broken down into 4 sets though, so it seems do-able.


Ode to Joy, Beaker Style

God, I love the old Muppet Show videos with Beaker and Dr. Honeydew.