Just Another Day at the Office

One family member was lucky enough to earn a few x-rays yesterday, and the biggest shock is that it wasn’t me!  My 8 year old had a mishap on the playground yesterday at school.  Apparently she inherited my gracefulness.  I’m told that she was playing and slipped, and managed to slam the back of her shoulder into the metal playground equipment.  I didn’t find all this out until I picked her up from school, because the substitute that was outside with them allegedly said that she couldn’t go to the nurses office.

When my darling girl got home, she struggled to get out of her coat without wincing and had a bit of difficulty lifting her arm above shoulder height.  She nearly requested that we see the doctor, which meant that it really had to bother her.

The doctor felt around her shoulder and noted where the tenderness was and wanted to get a few x-rays to rule out fracture.  Good news is that there is no fracture, bad news is she suspects a shoulder sprain.  So for two weeks the little girlie gets excused from physical activity (no skating or TKD) and she is in an immobilizer, mostly for her comfort.  I need to make an appointment with the pediatric orthopedist for a follow up to make sure everything heals ok.

So yesterday afternoon was spent at the doctor’s office and in the car and dinner was fast food because there was no time for anything else.

And?  My oldest daughter (10 yo) didn’t go to a meet this past weekend because she has been struggling a bit with her asthma.  She had been coughing so much she strained her rib cage and was quite sore.

Sounds like we are falling apart over here.


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