I Think My Instructor is Trying to Break Us

The soreness in my back and shoulders had nearly subsided by Monday night.  I no longer felt as if someone had punched me between the shoulder blades.  When, nearing the end of class, our instructor decided that speed drills were in order.  30 front kicks, both left and right, and 30 side kicks, both left and right.  That’s 30 on each side, no resting.  Basically kick, bring your leg back and let your foot touch the floor and kick again.  By around #23 or so it was getting difficult to even lift my leg to kick.  We thought we were going to finish off our class with the usual situps and pushups, but no, she had a surprise for us.  We did slow (S….L….O…W) scissor kicks lying on our backs, then bicycles, then some other weird ab thing, then hip lifts with our feet straight in the air.  After my abs nearly started spasming, and my clicky hip protesting, we flip over for push ups.  Good, good, I can do those no problem.  Except they weren’t the usual pushups, oh no.  We were to go down for a slow 4 count, then push up for a slow 4 count, four times (harder than it sounds), then do a quick four.  After a quick rest, we do it again.   And once again after that.

Suffice it to say  not only did I sleep fantastic that night, but I was sore as hell the next morning.


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  1. Sounds like good times. We do a lot of body weight stuff like that, but try to make things uneven. Things like doing pushups with one hand on a small medicine ball, then switching… or switching back and forth on the fly. Doing pushups with both hands on the ball, so that your small muscles are used to stabilize you. Stuff like that.

    Slow pushups kill me, too. I can bang out 60 or 70 quality pushups on my own count, but slow it down and the difficulty goes up a ton!

    And those hip ups are FANTASTIC for your core. Add a twist at the top for even more fun.

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