Hot Stuff

Yesterday I did what I swore I would never do.

Bikram Yoga.

90 minutes, 26 postures, and profuse sweating.

I hate heat.  Hate.  It.  Saunas are not my friend, and I feel overheated if I stay in a hot tub for longer than 5 minutes.  Yet somehow, I found myself twisting myself into a pretzel in a 100 degree room.  I must be insane.  Want to know how it was?

It was torture, and afterward I felt better than I had in a long, long time.

Being a first timer, I was told my goal was to stay in the room.  I was instructed to sit or lie down if I felt dizzy or nauseated.  I made it through about 60 of the 90 minutes before I needed to take a break and lie down.  Then I just took things at a little slower pace and tried to finish up strong.  When class ended, I made it to the locker room and had to sit for a minute with my head hanging down between my knees to get the buzzing in my ears to stop.  After taking a shower and donning fresh clothes, I have to say I felt as though I had a really good massage. Relaxed and loose, I felt like I was rubbery and I felt like eating a bowl full of fresh melon and taking a nap.

This morning I woke up and felt every single muscle in my body from my head to my toes.  I think I discovered a few I never knew I had.  It’s a pleasant sore, one that tells me I had a good workout.  And it’s just enough to maybe get me back in the hot room to loosen myself back up.  I’ve been looking for something that would be a good supplement to Tae Kwon Do and I may have found it.  I can work on my balance, posture, focus, discipline, and relaxation in each 90 minute session.  Everything that I need to help me perform at my peak.  During the floor postures, I initially had a hard time sitting on my knees because it made my ankle hurt to put pressure on it in that position.  However, after the third attempt, I could do it with no discomfort whatsoever, and that effect seems to have carried into today.  Bonus!

What I find amazing is that my MIL has been doing Bikram Yoga for months.  She took up a 30 day challenge recently and she’s currently on her 23rd day in a row I think.  Her body shape has totally changed for the better.  She looks amazing and she said that she hasn’t looked this good in….well, ever.

I was able to score an 8 day unlimited trial for $25, but I’m not sure I foresee myself signing up for anything more, for financial reasons.  Yet, like the instructorship program, this might be something I enjoy enough to figure out a way to make it work.



  1. i’ve always wanted to try that but i hate saunas so i’m apprehensive

    • I do too! Yet for some reason I thought this sounded like a good idea. I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I felt that good after a workout. It’s very much a mental thing, being able to block out the “I hate the heat” conversation in your head.

  2. I have a friend who keeps wanting me to try it but it’s so damn hot!! 🙂

    • You should try it once. I really wasn’t sure I would like it, but am considering going back for more.

  3. Hi really like your Blog, what are you thoughts on hatha yoga? I also found this really good guide on yoga that I think I might get, do you know any one that has got it and if it is any good? Here is the link

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