Moving to the Next Round

You know what happens when every family member has finally suffered through the stomach flu?

Round 2!

I was woken up at 1:30 am by my 8 yo daughter nearly puking on my head.  After cleaning up for 1/2 hour (she nailed the mattress, ugh), and my husband getting her in the shower, I made my way downstairs to sleep on the couch.  My husband stayed with her.  Had I stayed, I would have wound up with my head in the toilet in no time.  It’s one of the few areas of motherhood where I’m totally deficient.

Not sure if it was something she ate (unlikely as I had all the same stuff and feel fine), or a new bug, but my husband decided he’s blaming the winter.  I can get on board with that.


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  1. I can relate with this so much right now. We just finished our second round and strep throat hit us. Aah, the joys of parenting. 🙂

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