School Paperwork Overwhelm

I was recently asked if I have a 504 Plan in place for my child with food allergies.

No I don’t.  And in doing a little internet research, I’m not even sure where to start.

But that’s not the hardest hurdle.  The toughest thing to overcome is the fact that my daughter qualifies for protection under the American’s with Disabilities Act.

The severity of her allergy puts her under the “disability” umbrella, and I don’t like it.  For the 8 years since she has been diagnosed, we have done our best to treat her just like everybody else, and do our best to help her feel included when there are forbidden foods involved.  And the act of putting a 504 plan together is overwhelming to say the least.  The 504 Plan Outline that link above points to is pages…PAGES long.

Also being called out by another allergy mom makes me feel as though I’ve been slacking in my duties as a mother.  The sad thing is, while doing some late night Googling, the information about how to go about setting up a 504 Plan is almost non-existent.  There are many sites that tell you that you have to set up this plan for your food allergic child, yet no guidelines about where to start.  The link I gave you was the most comprehensive (and only) source available that had any detail whatsoever.  It’s bad enough that I am practically buried in paper daily from the school and have vague instructions about how to make sure all the paperwork is in place for registration for middle school, but it appears that the standard forms that the grade school used to great effect are sub-standard when it comes to middle school and the cafeteria.  I am aware that I need to provide something more, but there seems to be absolutely no guidance as to how the hell I go about it.

All that and I feel like a shit asking the other mother to feed me the information that she uncovered using her own hard work, like I’m somehow copying off of my classmate’s test paper.

Oh, and I have to fill out a dental form for my youngest daughter for an oral exam she had a few months ago, but apparently the school needs PROOF that she saw a dentist.  I’m not entirely sure why(other that state regulations – something about public health I’m sure), but this bugs the hell out of me.  I guess it feels like an invasion of privacy.  Sort of like if the state made it mandatory that I not only provide proof to my employer that I saw the gynecologist recently, but need to provide the medical files regarding that exam as well.


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  1. Sounds like you’ve got your hands full. Have you considered putting together the information you’ve uncovered so that other parents don’t have to reinvent the wheel? Sounds like a great opportunity to meet a need.

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