Pre-Test Checklist

This Saturday is Part 2 of 3 of my Black Belt test.  It is the longest and most involved part, and once I get past this, it’s fairly smooth sailing.  Let’s see how prepared I am (everything needs to be turned in on Saturday):

Test Application – not filled out yet

Essay – half-way done

Test Fee – don’t want to think about it

Kukkiwon Application – complete except for my head shot

Community Service project – almost done, and write up needs to be completed, with pictures

Requirements – I feel pretty good about them.

I need to know a lot and went through all of the requirements yesterday at my private lesson.  I was happy that any mistakes I made were not the kind that will count in the test.  At this point, I feel very comfortable with where I am with everything.  All my Tae Guk poomsae have been fine tuned and committed to memory.  I just hope I don’t botch something simple,  like a white belt technique.

Tonight I’m going to focus on completing my essay and community service project, and tomorrow I’ll focus on the rest of the paperwork.


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  1. You’ll be just fine! Keep us posted and post some photos if you can!

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