Is it Possible to be Both a Dick AND a Dork?

Have you ever done something that you felt was quite innocent at the time, but think about it later and realize that you may have been a total dick to someone?  Then you agonize over it, and beat yourself up, finally apologizing, and that person was like, what the hell are you apologizing for?  And then, THEN, you feel like more of a dick because you just pointed out a moment when you thought they might have been offended, and then start worrying about whether the act of pointing it out will actually make them offended, when they weren’t previously?

Do I just accept the fact that I’m going to occasionally be a dick by accident and hope it doesn’t become a habit?  A lot of it is the inability to function if I know somebody is upset with me.  I am primed to take responsibility and apologize, even if I wasn’t in the wrong.  And why the hell does something so minor (and it is minor, yet still dickish) upset me so much?

For the record, I acknowledged to this person that I did in fact, act somewhat like a dick, and I will do my best not to have it happen again.  I refrained from adding “But it probably will”.



  1. I think you were right to apologize – if for nothing else, YOU feel better about it. I know I’ve done that a few times myself. I prefer to think of myself as a bitch though. Sounds more feminine : )

    • It does sound more feminine, but it’s funny, in my mind the two are actually different, and not because of gender. It’s like one is doing something intentionally that you KNOW will offend or hurt feelings. The other is doing something out of carelessness and not really caring that others might be affected. Strange how I have made distinctions like that!

  2. Jesus. I forgive you already. Oh, you weren’t referring to me… err… well… this is awkward.

    • Ha ha ha ha! I re-read my post after getting this comment. Geez, neurotic much???

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