Late Due to Fashion Emergency

It’s amazing what about a week can do.  That previous post was probably 90% hormonally induced, I can’t believe I was so blind to the timing.

This morning we had a meltdown of another sort (sort of).  My 11 year old officially has “nothing to wear”.  I was loathe to believe her, but upon inspecting her closet, dresser, and clean clothes in the laundry room, I kind of had to agree with her.  She has 3 pair of jeans, a few leggings and skirts, and about 3 shirts that fit her.  Damn.

The fit she threw this morning caused her to be late enough to miss the bus so I had to drive her (can a fashion emergency be considered a valid excuse for arriving to school late?).  Then I came home, picked up my 8 y.o. and drove her to school.  I then proceeded to come back home, pick up my husband and drive him to the train station.  All before 8:15.  And coffee.

After my chauffeuring job was complete, I headed over to the mall to spend money we really don’t have in order to make sure that my daughter doesn’t have to wear her pajamas to school for the rest of the week.  This girl will be better dressed than I am most days.

Although in my defense, most days I spend a good portion of the time in my dobok.


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