Is it Opposite Day?

My birthday is tomorrow, so you know what that means?  It means I had to renew my drivers license today.  I was dreading it, because it’s usually really busy and the front door is manned by the crankiest old man on earth.  However, I went there today and it was a pleasurable AND efficient experience.  Everybody actually seemed to be happy to be there doing their jobs.  Better yet, the entire visit took no longer than 15 minutes and the picture on my license is so good that I was tempted to get a moving violation just so I could whip it out, point at my picture and exclaim, “Can you believe that I actually have a good picture on my license?”.

Gone are the days when my picture was so bad I had a friend threaten to lose it for me, just so I could get it replaced with a better one.


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  1. Happy Birthday!

    I must be a good year for drivers license photos. I had mine renewed in October and I was happy too. The man at the counter took the first picture and it was bad. I asked if I was allowed to smile and he took the picture again. The whole process was quick and efficient.

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