I Need a Monday Do-Over

My youngest was home with a bad cold today, so for the most part the day was uneventful.  It all went to hell quick though.  I went to pick up my oldest from her Jr. High musical rehearsal at 5 pm.  Turns out she doesn’t get out until 5:30 and I need to be at the dojang at 6 pm.  Clearly, that isn’t going to happen, so I call in and let Grandmaster know I’m running just a few minutes late.  I finally get there, take over the last half of class (with some unusually unenthusiastic yellow belts) and get dressed for Hapkido.  I’m not in Hapkido for 5 minutes when I somehow manage to tweak my ankle.

Actually, I don’t know exactly what I did.  I didn’t turn it or twist it, I think I was a victim of not warming up enough.  I bow out and head out to the lobby area.  I make a move to get the ice pack out of the kitchen and the chill of pain runs right up the back of my neck and gives me goose bumps.  Uh oh.  Grandmaster gets the ice pack for me and after a few minutes suggests I head home to rest.  This is an excellent idea.  I do the half-limp/half-hop to collect my belongings and bow out.  My family is a bit stunned to see me at 7:30 as opposed to my usual 10:30.  I have had my foot elevated and  on and off the ice for the past hour.  Ibuprofen has been taken.  It doesn’t look like there is any swelling, but this is the same foot that I had the tendinitis in 2 years ago.  It’s also the same leg as the hip that’s been giving me grief.

Oh, did I not mention that?  One of my hips has been protesting a bit lately.  And by lately I mean for the last 6 months or so.  It’s nothing major, just kind of a nagging ache, tightness and heaviness that is more pronounced if I have to pivot on that leg.  I suspect the family curse of arthritis is trying to introduce itself, so I’m starting to supplement with glucosomine/chondroitin and a few other supplements for joint health.  On particularly twingey days I take ibuprofen or naproxen before class.

While earlier today it was relatively quiet, this evening became a cluster in a hurry.  I suspect this little tweak is just my body’s way of saying “Bitch, take a break!”


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