At a Crossroads

The updates, they have been scarce.  Partly because this month is hugely busy for me, but also because some shit is going on that I feel the need to keep close to the vest until it has played out, in the rare possibility someone from the academy reads my blog.  I came home from the dojang in tears last night, barely slept (stayed up talking to my DH until 2 am) and think that I might be seeing things more clearly for the first time in a while.  Sorry to be so vague.  I hate vague, but in order to make sure I have control of the situation, vague it is going to be for a short while.

Late last night, lying awake talking to DH, we acknowledged that we both have been unhappy for quite some time.  Also acknowledged is the fact that we both made it worse by retreating into ourselves.  By the time we fell asleep, we were both hopeful that we can design a life for our family that we all can be happy with.  We have both been passive, just letting life drag us down.  There was a recent death in the family and it has caused both of us to really think about what we want for our lives together.

After all that last night, today I am an emotionally spent zombie.  I actually fell asleep at the computer a few hours ago.  I must have put my head down and…zzzzzzz.

I’ll just say that the decision I think I have made can only benefit our family.  Things are not working well the way they are currently.  I’ll share more as soon as I am able.


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