Scrub the Chub

In an effort to keep myself honest, I’m going to post my weight loss stats here.

Starting Weight:    190 lbs. (ugh! although I’ve been told I carry it well, everybody thinks I’m at least 20 lbs. lighter than I really am)

Chest:  43″ (braless measure because my bras make this measurement vary)

Waist:  36.5″

Hips:  46.5″

I will weigh myself weekly and post the results, probably in the sidebar.



  1. Nice to read an update!

    I posted today about a website I am using to keep me honest in my food choices. It has definitely been an eye opener.

    • Sounds interesting! Thanks for popping in, it’s good to know I’m still on somebody’s radar!

      Currently I’m using Lose It! It’s an awesome iPhone app that ties in with their online presence as well. It’s somewhat basic but a lot of thought was put into interface and it’s actually fun to use. Plus no skipping meals for me, I set it to remind me to log each meal (breakfast, lunch & dinner) so I can’t skip it unnoticed.

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