Migration Pattern

Bear with me, I’m going to migrate some (all?) posts in from DabbleDoIt.

I was reading a post Yvonne at Joy Unexpected wrote about being an “old blogger” in a sea of “new bloggers” who are all about branding, media kits, SEO, etc.  She also mentioned how she misses how blogging used to feel like a community and it’s morphed into this monster that’s all about business and book deals.

Way back when, my old blog was a place where I feel like I did some of my best writing.  A few years of that and I started to doubt myself.  Instead of blogging about something I would analyze my idea, criticize it and never write.  Eventually I shelved it.  I sort of wish I hadn’t but sometimes a fresh start is needed.

Writing is one thing I enjoy.  Everything about it is fun, even the challenge of finding a new way to start a sentence instead of “I” or “It’s”.  So while I’m trying to decide whether to consolidate everything or just double post for a while, I’m going to import some of my favorite posts from over there.  It’s a new blog so there aren’t many.


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