When I was younger (read:  in High School), I used to sketch all the time, and not just the Metallica logo.  I would spend time in front of the window of my house sketching the tree in the front yard, or drawing flowers from pictures I had taken.   Lately I haven’t made time to do it and have felt a bit stale and rusty as far as drawing skills.  My memory is usually pretty good but I can’t seem to tap into the 25 year old database of information I learned in art class.  I decided I needed a refresher on my drawing skills so I did what anyone in the technology age does, I asked Google to find me free online drawing lessons.  The results weren’t the best but a few photos caught my eye and I checked out the website they came from.  Drawspace.com has a wealth of information and contains over 200 free drawing lessons.  Actually some aren’t even lessons, just informational pages, but useful nonetheless.    I burned through the first two beginner sections and mostly because it’s getting late and I’m tired, I’m waiting to tackle anything more.   Yet what I managed to accomplish gives me hope that I’m not hopeless.

The lessons start with simple line drawing exercises but it doesn’t take long before you start working on shading.  For instance, I was able to draw these horses this evening.

Hand drawn horseDrawn horse

Yes I know the proportions aren’t perfect, I’m working at it, but I’m trying really hard not to just copy what the instructor has done, but actually do my best to see what I’m supposed to be seeing.  That sounds very zen and it kind of is, but it is explained in one of the first lessons.  If you have any interest in drawing but don’t know where to start I’d recommend you check it out.  I have no illusions that I’ll become a Rembrandt, but just being able to draw what I see and have it look the way it is supposed to is good enough for me.