MinivanNinja was started in 2007 as a way to keep track of my experience in Tae Kwon Do as I gained ranks and worked towards achieving my Black Belt.  In October of 2009 I tested for  Cho Dan (first degree black belt) and officially received it in November 2009.  Also in 2009 I entered our academy’s instructor training program and I currently lead 2-3 classes a week.

Throughout my years of training and blogging, I started to expand the focus of the blog to include more areas of my life and show who I am as a whole person, not just the part that loves Tae Kwon Do.  A result of this expansion is more categories on my blog.

Ninja Crafts is a way for me to show my creative side.  I’ve been a knitter and crocheter for the past ten years, but really coming into my own in the past few.  Occasionally other forms of art and crafts (such as painting, or jewlery making) will find it’s way onto Ninja Crafts.

Ninja Gardening will chronicle the ups and downs of suburban gardening in the suburbs of Chicago.  I started vegetable gardening in earnest in 2009 and am looking to expand in 2010.

Did you know ninjas can bake and cook?  Ninja in the Kitchen will highlight the fun I have in the kitchen, hopefully incorporating quite a bit from my garden.

Photography is an off-and-on hobby of mine, and Ninja Photography will hopefully see more action than inaction.  It will be a way for me to showcase the pictures I am most proud of.


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