Lost in Knitting

Netflix is both a blessing and a curse. I can catch up on TV shows I’ve missed or I can watch entire series I didn’t catch the first time around.

Like “Lost”. Yes, I’m the one person who never watched the show when it was on. Now I can’t stop watching it. Those who were devotees, I have no idea how you handled the intensity and suspense from week to week. It’s dangerous that I can watch episodes back to back to back. Every time there is a cliff hanger, which is every damn episode, I can just click to watch the next episode.

Also, to anybody I ever gave weird looks to when they would have intense discussions about the show, I apologize. I get it now.

Somehow during my marathon viewings I’m getting a staggering amount of complicated knitting completed. I’m working on a sweater, Celtic Icon from Inspired Cable Knits. The sweater is knit in pieces that will be blocked and joined together at the end, seven pieces in all. I only had one piece completed a week and a half ago.

Tonight I started the final piece. If all goes well I’ll have a completed sweater by the weekend.